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Legal company “Melnychuk & Partners” is a unique project that combines the best traditions of global consulting and current trends in legal business.


Experts of legal company “Melnychuk & Partners” are happy to become your legal advisor.


We offer a strategic approach to solving legal issues, so we appreciate our employees’ professionalism and their ability to think globally.

We do not aim to get profit from the client as an unwavering goodwill important for us. Therefore, each team member of Legal company “Melnychuk & Partners” works with the client solely on the conditions of individual approach and does everything to make the client satisfied with the quality of the service and the time spent together.


Legal company “Melnychuk & Partners” combines lawyers from diverse backgrounds who have clear public position expressed in the provision of primary and secondary free legal assistance to low-income social groups.

We care about the qualification of our lawyers, therefore we are willing to teach and give young lawyers a start by making them true professionals and valuable members of our team.


Together with you we achieve success!

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